How To Decorate Western Windows

Western Horse Curtain Tiebacks

How to decorate western windows? Create rustic western style window treatments with using lone stars, horses and more. Decorate rustic themed windows with western motifs that are built into the curtain rods themselves such as western lone star curtain rods. Pull back the western curtains on both sides using the matching horse tiebacks or use something different like western horseshoe curtain tiebacks. Both of these iron curtain tiebacks are easy to mount to the wall to hold the curtains.
If you want to add swag curtains at the top, you could use Western Horse Swag Curtain Brackets to hold up the curtains. The iron brackets mount to the wall. Great western decor for a bedroom.
Western Curtain Rods
Western Window Treatments
Horseshoe Curtain Brackets

Western Window Treatments
Horse Curtain Rod Shelf Brackets

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